BFC Servings Reminder

BFC Servings Reminder
15/6 = 15 grams sugar/6 carb servings
Carb serving (no more than 2 per meal)
5 grams - 20 grams = 1 serving
20 grams - 40 grams = 2 servings
Eat no more than 40 grams carbs and 5 grams sugar per meal!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday Weigh In - July 20th

Today is weigh in day and I stayed exactly the same as last week - 176lbs.  I'm not too surprised because last week I lost two pounds and for me it's usually just a pound a week.  I really do wish the weight would come off faster, but one thing I noticed is that it is coming off all over.  I mean my arms look thinner, legs thinner and so on.  Of course the midsection is where I wish it would all come off because that is my worst area, but it is an all over weight loss.  My husband was up a pound this week, and he thinks its because of a couple stops at McDonalds for breakfast where he was getting some kind of egg and sausage wraps.  I told him that the bread on those wraps were not the same as the bread we use at home and that probably did it for him.  I asked my son if he lost anything this week but he said he didn't weigh himself.  I suspect he isn't staying on the plan all the way and when you don't feel any different in your clothes or anything than you don't want to weigh yourself.  He graduated at the end of May with a degree in Digital Art and Design and has been having a hard time finding a job.  He spends a ton of time in his room supposedly job searching and sending out resumes online, but I suspect it is leading to a little bit of depression and then eating.   I wish he would find a great job, and get himself on a normal schedule where he is up early and out of the house.  I think the weight would start fallling off then, I mean he is young, it should be a lot easier for him. 
I noticed that some of you are going through Perimenopause right now and are having trouble with the weight loss and mood swings.  I turned fifty in March and have already gone through Menopause two years ago.  Apparently the women in my family all go through it early. Yeah for us!  I wonder if that is why I am losing so slowly.  Maybe everything just goes into slow mode after Menopause.  Every once in awhile I find myself getting totally irritated at everyone for really no reason at all.  I can't sleep the night through unless I take one Tylenol PM, so I usually take one of those every night.  So I think the problems with Perimenopause don't go away all together after Menopause they just lessen.  The slow weight loss could also be because I sit too much.  Like Patti, I also work out of the house for my husband's business.  He is a General Contractor and we run our own home improvements business.  I do all the daily paperwork, advertising, bill paying, taxes, etc. for him.  That happens in the mornings on the computer (with me sitting) and then I run around in the afternoons doing family stuff (my four boys all still live at home), house stuff and errands.  Then in the evening I mainly just sit around.  I should really work in exercise somewhere in there, maybe join a class, but you know, yuck!   They say if you find something you enjoy it won't seem like exercise.  I just haven't found it yet! 
Well, we leave for the Outer Banks on Sunday and I love to swim in the ocean, so I'm hoping a week down at the shore might help me lose an extra pound or two.  Have my menus planned out so I think I'll be ok on the food.  I'll let you know next weigh in.


  1. Hi Beth,
    Glad to meet a fellow Marylander, We live in Baltimore. I thought Patti in PA. was the closest to me. I'm 74, my son Brian disabled since birth and I are on the BFC I'm 5'1" and Brian is 4'10".
    I just found your blog. Thanks for the ice cream recipe.Brian and I weigh near the same. He is 158 lbs. and I'm 155. I want to get out of the 150s so bad. I was stupid I got to 143 in December then I really went off,,,not with sweets but with carbs and went up to 162 so fast, Now I'm determined not to do that again,,, And I'm finding it is harder to get it off this time, I read all the Blogs on your list and Rosie's. You all are so helpful to me.
    I'm a collector of hands,,, thus The Hand Lady
    Thanks for listening to me

  2. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for the kind words! We were just at Nick's Fish House in Baltimore for my husband's birthday a little over a week ago. Wonderful restaurant on the bay. Carbs would probably be my weakness if I went off this diet too! Especially in winter when I want that homemade soup and crusty bread! I'll have to think of an alternative between now and then. Sounds like you and Brian are back on track now. Hopefully we can support each other.

  3. Hi Beth, Thanks for posting your blog. I will try to get you some supporters on here. You know I walk every night and I am not an exercise person either. That might be something you would enjoy too like me. Remember slow and steady wins the race.
    Have a great day :-)

  4. Thanks Rosie, I was walking my dogs for awhile there every night after dinner. I stopped this week and really should start up again. I don't mind walking but sometimes it gets boring going up and down the same neighborhood. Walking with the purpose of actually going somewhere would be so much better!

  5. Hi Beth. Well I'm sorry to hear things don't end when you go through menapause! Moodiness one of the things I'm looking forward to getting rid of! I too have a son who is recently graduated and looking for a job. It is a hard time for them. So I found another friend in you, who works for their husband! It's the best and the worst, and I think you know what I mean!!! Hope you have a great time on vacation. Give yourself a mental break and just go on 'auto pilot'. I think you'll do fine!

  6. Hi Beth, I'm glad I found your blog it's so nice to support eachother. I know what you mean about wanting the weight to come off faster I often feel the same way. Have a great time at the shore :)

  7. Hi Beth! I think you are right about the weight coming off because you are so sedentary. Moving around raises your metabolism and helps you burn calories. You just have to make yourself do something - anything. It's good that you are going to get in some swimming on your vacation - I love swimming! We always plan our vacations around swimming.

  8. Thanks you guys for your comments! I have my menu all planned for next week and hopefully I will move much more! I won't be able to weigh myself on vacation (unless there is a scale at the beach house) but I will check in with my laptop. Maybe by my next Wednesday weigh in there will be a drop! Have a great week!

  9. Have a wonderful time at the Beach. There is no better place on Earth:) I was just under your current weight at Christmas time, so I get how you feel. I wish the weight would magically disappear, but you know how some wishes go! I know you can do it, just slow and steady. If you have a bad day, have a good day the next day. This is a lifetime journey for all of us.