BFC Servings Reminder

BFC Servings Reminder
15/6 = 15 grams sugar/6 carb servings
Carb serving (no more than 2 per meal)
5 grams - 20 grams = 1 serving
20 grams - 40 grams = 2 servings
Eat no more than 40 grams carbs and 5 grams sugar per meal!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday - January 24

Hello everyone!  My weigh-in is not until tomorrow so I'm not sure yet if I've lost or if I stayed the same yet.  Like I said in my last blog, I think I'm to the point where I have to add some kind of exercise into the mix in order to get my metabolism revved up a bit and my body toned.  I've been at a plateau too long and have to do something to get going again.  This past week, I have been investigating what kind of exercise I might be able to try and actually like.  I found a good way to preview exercise dvd's is to search for them on YouTube.  A lot of clips from different exercise videos are on there and watching a clip will give you an idea if it's for you or not.  Saves a lot of money in buying dvds that you will never use.  After watching a bunch of clips, I started getting interested in kettlebells.  I'll be 51 years old in March and they say as you age its a good idea to introduce weights to your routine (not that I have a routine), to build and maintain bone mass that you lose as you age.  I mentioned kettlebells to my husband and it turns out he had just been talking to one of his customers who is really into kettlebell workouts.  You lift them and swing them as you work out.

They look like this

So we decided to go get a couple kettlebells and give them a try this week.  I'll let you know what I think!  In the meantime I have been walking my dog up and down the street (kind of boring but at least I'm moving!). 

On to food.  Sometimes I feel like I think about food WAY too much, lol!   With this lifestyle you really have to do a lot more cooking and eating of real foods and not the ready made processed varieties.  It does take a bit more thought and grocery store trips to keep it up.  Especially when your feeding a family of six.  I am constantly looking at new recipes using almond flour, or coconut flour as well as finding new ways to use vegetables.   I love when you guys post a new recipe and give your honest opinion of what you think of it.  Yesterday I tried Rosalie's Sinful  Cinnamon cakes.  I added about a TBS of Eytheritol to the batter because she said they weren't that sweet.  I also added a couple tsps of Eytheritol to the butter glaze and lowered the St. Joseph's syrup amount because I was afraid too much of the malitol in the syrup might give me issues.  I also added a tiny bit of chopped pecans to the top of each cake and cooked them in a regular muffin tin.   I want to tell you that these smelled SO GOOD while they were cooking!!  Two of my boys wandered out of their rooms and into the kitchen to see what was cooking.   Now the taste.....DELICIOUS!!   These are the closest thing I have baked on the BFC to taste like the real deal.  I mean these tasted almost exactly like the cinnamon breakfast rolls I loved so much before BFC.   The glaze on top even gave them a bit of a crunchy texture which I love.  If you like cinnamon rolls you must try this recipe.  My favorite so far!!  My youngest son wanted to know if he could bake some and take them into his drama club's rehersal  on Saturday morning because he wanted to impress a certain girl with his "no sugar/lowcarb" cooking!!  Now that's an endorsement. Here is the link to the recipe .  Thank you Rosalie for such a delicious treat!
The three inches of snow we got on Saturday night is supposed to melt today with the temperature getting close to fifty.  Think I will get ready to walk!  Hope everyone has a great day!


  1. I hope you like using the kettlebells. I've heard good things about them.

    My husband has been urging me to start doing weight bearing exercise. We have a Bowflex, so I think I'll start adding that to my routine. I don't actually have a routine, so to speak, but I do row (on my rowing machine), walk, ride my bike, etc., but not much weight bearing exercise. I was meeting a friend at the gym, but stopped going because I truly hate going to the gym; I have never liked it. So, instead of continuing to try and make myself like it, I told her the truth, and decided that I would do my own thing at home. Between my rowing machine, Bowflex, bike, and walking, I'm fine. Because the gym has so many various machines and other equipment to rotate through, I just felt like I should be going to the gym, but it really is not necessary. I think I will do better long term, as with my eating plan, if I'm doing something that I can stick with long term because I enjoy it better.

  2. Hi Beth. I have always liked using weights. I have not tried the kettlebells, but they have them at my gym. Now I just have to try and get a regular routine going again. With all that's going on, it has been a challenge. I will have to try those cinnamon rolls. They sounded delicious when Rosalie made them and even more so when I read your post. Big hugs from me to you!

  3. I am sincerely afraid to make those cinnamon buns. I know I would eat too much and give myself tummy trouble. Good for you and the exercise! I am currently re evaluating my exercise routine. Gotta get more in!! :)

  4. Hello Beth, The kettlebell thing I think I could actually do as long as I don't clobber one of my dogs in the process. They are always under my feet.
    I am so glad you all loved the cinnamon cakes. I am glad I found the recipe.
    Have a great day :-)

  5. Hello Beth, I love DVD's. I love Leslie Sansone. She has her "Walk Away The Pounds" series. I love them because they are easy to follow. You don't have to watch them several times to get the hang of them. First try and you're a pro. :-) She has several different ones with varying degrees of exertion. Lots of libraries have them to check out, so no money involved to see if you like them. Good luck to you!
    Linda in Western NC

  6. Im so curious to see what you think of the kettleballs! They have been on list for a long time. Ive been doing the weighted hula hoop and trying to find good workouts on youtube too. Beth, I also feel like all I think about is food and diet. I think that is all I talk about with friends and they must be SICK of it. So this year, I want to do less of that. I dont want it to dominate my life :)

  7. Good for you Beth! They say kettlebells are a great workout. I got my butt back to the gym today after a 2 week hiatus. bad bad me!!! It felt good to be there and I did about 47 mins on the ellipitical & burned about 400 cals. I wanted to stay longer but it was already 12:30 and I had lots to do so I figure its better than nothing. Those cinnamon rolls sound fab! I havent been on the blogs much due to this whole not being able to post issue. I dont know what else to do to resolve it. Its very frustrating! I have done everything that you all have suggested with the google chrome & it still wont work. Argggh!
    I am happy to see a post from you and I hope that you are having a great week and that weigh in will be good. I gained this past week, 2#. Wasnt happy about that at all but thats what I get for slacking on exercise. Im sure once you start doing some activity you will start losing again. My dtr (15 almost 16) has been doing the Brazil butt lift dvd (2 per day) and man can you see a difference! She is really slimming down! She is also following WW with me so combined it is working. I may try the dvd sometime, it looks hard though. She does it like a champ & like its nothing. Oh to be young again! (sigh)
    Keep on keepin on! Sorry this was so long. I hope it will post!

  8. I'm excited for you:) I haven't used the kettle balls, but I see them being used in the training room all the time. You will "rock" them! I can't wait to try the muffin/rolls. I truly was trying everything to make a coffee cake type thing because for some odd reason, that is what I really missed. That was one of my first experiences with coconut flour.
    I can't imagine your food bill for 6! And all men no less. I wish you were on pinterest because all you would have to do is search family meals and 100's would come up. I have had so much fun with all the new blogs.
    Have a great week:)

  9. Hi Beth! Can't wait to hear what you think about the kettle bells. I have them but didn't care for the workout, unfortunately. I'm more of a zumba girl :) Whatever you can find to stick to will be just fine, as I'm sure you already know. I'm so glad to hear that the recipe Rosalie posted was so yummy. Hearing your description made my mouth water - I'm going to have to try these :) I'm so grateful to all of you for being so generous with your time, support, recipes & such!!! Good luck with weigh-in tomorrow :)

  10. You'll find you'll try different things to either mix it up, or find what you's all beneficial. Good for you for trying!
    Take Care

  11. Beth--my husband uses kettle bells and loves them. I have tried them a couple of times but always felt like I didn't know what I was doing. I might give them another shot this weekend. We have about six of them at varying weights.