BFC Servings Reminder

BFC Servings Reminder
15/6 = 15 grams sugar/6 carb servings
Carb serving (no more than 2 per meal)
5 grams - 20 grams = 1 serving
20 grams - 40 grams = 2 servings
Eat no more than 40 grams carbs and 5 grams sugar per meal!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Birthday Cake

Hi everyone!  Yesterday was my husband's 51st birthday.  He is three months younger than me so I always kid him about me being the "older" women in his life!  The boys and I took him out to The Outback Restaurant for his birthday dinner.  It was a nice time.  No girlfriends this time just us and our boys. That's nice every once in awhile, isn't it?  We met at the restaurant close to my oldest son's apartment so he would be able to join us after he got off work.  The only temptation at the Outback for me is that darn Blooming Onion!  I took a few sections of it and it really made me want the whole thing!  Luckily I was able to resist...but just barely! One good thing about having boys is they scarf everything down so quickly it gets rid of temptations!   Dinner was easy with the Ceasar salad and grilled shrimp on top.  Yum!
During the day I made my husband a sugar-free chocolate cake with chocolate icing!  It came out really nice and tasted great!   This is one of those "the secret is black beans" cakes, but you would NEVER know while eating it. Even though it's "healthy" I still only had one piece.

I found the recipe over on Healthy Indulgences blog.  If anyone is interested you can find it here:

We leave for the Outerbanks in a week.  This year we taking all the boys (of course), my oldest son's girlfriend, my older dog Marley, and the new puppy (Mabel) and as an added twist this parents.  I love my parents but they are getting grumpy in their older age and bicker constantly with each other.  My brother and his family are also going down for the week like usual but they get a separate beach house.  My brother's wife and my mother have a hard time getting along, so I hope this whole trip will still be nice and relaxing for me and I won't have to the peacekeeper for everyone while we are there! That might be wishful thinking, fingers crossed!

Taking Mabel will also be a little bit of a trial.  I almost had her completely house trained and then she got a UTI (urinary tract infection).  She was peeing everywhere again and couldn't make it thru the night.  I had to get up at 3:00 in the morning to let her out of her crate.  Good grief!!  I took her to the vet and got antibiotics for her which seem to be doing the trick.  I also read that Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with a little plain yogurt also gets rid of the bacteria - so I've been giving her a dose of that once a day also.   Seems to be working.  Apparently this Apple Cider Vinegar (the one with "the mother" in it) is supposed to be great for ALL of us.  It's claimed to help with diabetes, high blood pressure, skin blemishes, digestion, bladder infections and tons more.  All you need is a tsp or two a day, which you can mix with water and a little stevia to get it down.  So many of you are so much more knowledgeable in nutrition than I am.  What do you think about ACV?  Do any of you take it?  Just wondering since it seems to be so good for you, I'm thinking about trying it myself to see if does anything wonderful for me. 

Well that's about it for this week.  All my boys are going tubing today in Harpers Ferry, and tonight we are all going to the fireworks that are displayed at our local Fireman's carnival.  Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Happy birthday to your hubby! I really do hope you enjoy your vacation and don't end up needing to play peacekeeper.

    The Braggs vinegar is just another way to get in probiotics. Regular vinegar is not fermented so there are no probiotics in it. I've tried it before, but I would rather get my probiotics through kefir, yogurt, and other yummy foods. To me, the most practical way of using Braggs vinegar is mixed into a homemade salad dressing; that would be yummy. :)

  2. Your cake looks very pretty! Happy Birthday to the Hubby:)
    Don't play peacekeeper!!! Let them battle it out. At our house the peacekeeper is usually the one in trouble with everyone at the end of the week, for not taking their side! Enjoy yourself, step back and just listen, relax....think of "calgon take me away".
    Don't forget pictures!
    I love Outback now, I used to think they had strange seasonings. You know how I said I have been out of control? Hubby and I had a free appetizer coupon and used it on the Aussie fries! Bad, bad, bad!

  3. Your cake looks delicious! Have a great time...I know what you mean when you get your kids without their partners once in while :-) not saying anything against their partners its just a special moment.

  4. You were pretty strong not eating a bunch of that bloomin onion. I love that but haven't been there for ages.
    Your cake recipe looks almost the same as the brownies I made with black beans. Love it. Try to have a good time on your vaca. Sorry about the dog -hope she gets better soon. :-)

  5. That sounds like a great birthday! I know what you mean about the boys taking away all of the temptations quickly - mine are all still young, but it's starting already. Have a great trip!

  6. Beth - that cake looks yum! Wish I could try a bite :) Funny story about ACV - my oldest son had a planter’s wart on his big toe and I was using a store bought treatment for it. It was taking so long to work and I read that ACV would do it so I tried using that – wart gone in record time. I also buy red wine vinegar that is organic with the “mother” in it. These are much healthier vinegars to consume. Good luck on your trip – ah family …. ;)

  7. Hi Beth. That cake looks amazing. Never heard all the beneits of ACV, but now I know. I'll look for that in the future. Hope you have a great time on your trip. Hugs and love! XO