BFC Servings Reminder

BFC Servings Reminder
15/6 = 15 grams sugar/6 carb servings
Carb serving (no more than 2 per meal)
5 grams - 20 grams = 1 serving
20 grams - 40 grams = 2 servings
Eat no more than 40 grams carbs and 5 grams sugar per meal!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday - August 20th

Well I made it through what I like to call Birthday Week around here.  Two of my son's have birthdays within two days of each other, even though they are four years apart.  Kyle's was on Wednesday and my second oldest, Ben, turned 20 on Friday.  When Kyle was born (two weeks early) I made it out of the hospital the day before Ben's birthday and I told him that Kyle wanted to come to his party so bad, he was born early! This diet has encouraged Kyle to get healthier with us and he has cut  his sugar use way down, so on his birthday I made him that "no sugar, no flour" chocolate bean cake and truvia ice cream.  The cake was really very moist, chocolately and good!   Even my one picky son,Nick, tried a little piece and then went back for another!  It only makes one 9" layer and it doesn't get super fluffy or high, but I'd probably make it again as a healthy alternative for the boys.  I only had a sliver of it, just because I didn't take the time to figure out all the carb/sugar counts that were in it because of the beans.  Anyway, for Ben's 20th,  I made a big red velvet cake with mascarpone icing. It's from a Bobby Flay "Throw Down" recipe.  (We LOVE watching food network around here!)  It looked amazing, but I'm not sure how it tasted because I didn't have any!  It was my first time making a cake without tasting the batter that got on my fingers or anything.  It was more than a little tempting to do it too!!
Reading everyone's blogs I've come to realize that most of you are either at your goal weight or almost at your goal weight.  I think that is AWESOME!  I started on April 6th at 197lbs and as of last Wednesday's weigh in I was 175lbs.  So I have lost 22 pounds so far.  I want to get to at least 150lbs so I still have at least 25lbs to go!  I think that is why I have to be extra strict with myself, and not cheat or anything.  When I get down to where you guys are I can be a little more flexible, like bringing brown rice back into the picture or something.  My husband and I were talking the other day (he is on the diet also) and we were saying that if we went off this diet tomorrow there really isn't anything we would run out and eat!  In other words we haven't been craving anything, which is a bit weird!  Its also why we are hoping this is one diet we can actually stick to forever!  In a way its almost turned into a little game of trying to find replacements for things we love.  When we want pizzas we make those little pita ones that I put on our grill outside.  The other night we wanted Italian food, so I made a batch of homemade Italian meatballs and substituted ground pork rinds for the bread crumbs.  We ate them with a Caprese salad (mozerrella, a few tomatoes, and basil from my garden). Did not miss the pasta, which is odd because I had some kind of pasta dish at least once a week before this all started.   
All of you are very inspirational to me in losing this weight!  I love reading about your ideas, the products you use, what works or doesn't work, and love hearing how the weight keeps going down.  Keep up the good work everyone and keep blogging to encourage those of us that are only half way through our journey!!


  1. I still have that cake on my list to make! I think I have to wait until my birthday, in December. Great job not eating of the 'other cake' - that is more proof to me that sugar is an addiction. Once you get the drug out of your system, it's easy to resist. Same with your discussion with your husband about going off the diet. hooray for you!

    I also kind of look at this way of eating like a game- trying to find the low sugar, lower carb items in the grocery store. It is fun!

    I also never thought I would not miss pasta, I always loved it, but I don't, either. The last time I ate some it actually wasn't very good, either.

  2. You are doing so good! You have lost a lot of weight in a relatively short amount of time! You are now a little above where I started. I made it close to the finish line and so can you. Slow and steady. I am so glad your husband is joining you on the journey.
    It's funny how we don't miss the things we used to think we could never give up. Just little things like the chocolate mint they give you at the Olive Garden, I had no desire to eat it. Who would have thought???
    You go girl, you are getting closer!
    We are all lucky to have each other. Maintenance support is going to be crucial too!!!

  3. 22 lbs that is awesome Beth! I made meatballs this week with panko instead of bread crumbs and almond milk instead of regular and they were tasty.

    I agree with Kay I don't miss the things that I had to give up. Hard mints like the ones at the olive garden have 5g of sugar crazy huh. Keep up the good work you are doing awesome. :)

  4. I agree Beth! YOu have lost 22# in a little over 3 months time...that is really great!! Just keep doing what you are will come off!

  5. Beth, I am not even close to my goal. I'm the slow loser in our little group, but I am going to get there. You have done wonderful so far. I wish my losses were as great as yours. But we'll both keep plugging away and get there eventually!

  6. I used to have a wii - I never worked out on it when the boys were around here, either. I couldn't do it with them watching! LOL

    I'm so glad we don't have to eat 'no fat' now, LOL.

  7. I feel the same way about not having anything specific I'd run out and eat if I stopped BFC'ing. I love that feeling! I used to be such a food junkie and now I have a much healthier attitude towards it. :)
    I'm adding your blog to my list!