BFC Servings Reminder

BFC Servings Reminder
15/6 = 15 grams sugar/6 carb servings
Carb serving (no more than 2 per meal)
5 grams - 20 grams = 1 serving
20 grams - 40 grams = 2 servings
Eat no more than 40 grams carbs and 5 grams sugar per meal!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday 24 and down 1 measly pound

Hello everybody,
So it's weigh in day for me and like usual I was expecting big results after being super careful this week!  I was rewarded with dropping one measly pound!   It's kind of strange that I'm not losing more.  I made sure I had no grain carbs at dinner or after, I upped my water intake even though I drink a lot of stevia iced tea during the day, and I'm always below on my sugar and carb counts. Plus I've got my fiber count to go pretty high each day, at least 25g a day.   Also......, I never cheat!  Jorge says you can do this diet and lose without exercise, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to do some kind of exercise to get past this plateau! Darn it!! School starts back up next week, and except for my college graduate, that is back home looking for  a job, everyone else will be out of the house!  I must find some sort of exercise to get going with next week.  Maybe I should join a class.  I know Kay does Zumba and Dawn goes to Curves and Rosalie walks.  Does anyone else do any exercise program that they love?  I'm imagining that its like the eating plan, and if you can't find something you really enjoy doing, you won't do it!  I think joining a class would be the most fun and motivational.   For me the main problem about joining a class is the drive.  I'm about a 25 minute drive to anywhere (I'm a bit in the country) and having to drive that far to do a class everyday and then come back home is a big block of time.  Thinking about cranking up the Wii Fit again,  but exercising at home by myself gets boring,    See how I can come up with great excuses??!   Oh well, not sure about the exercise thing yet but one thing for sure is that I'll stick to the diet, keep going forward, and not give up.

The other big news around here is that we experienced an earthquake yesterday.  For those of you living in earthquake areas you are probably thinking, big deal a 5.9.  The thing is we never get anything like this on the East Coast.   So when something like this happens here it becomes big news but somehow I managed to miss the whole thing!!   My son and I were in the car running errands and shopping for his college supplies. (He leaves Saturday -sob!)  I stopped at the bank and ran inside to take care of a business check, and everyone starts asking me if I'd felt the earthquake.  Huh?!  What earthquake?  I guess when you are driving in a car you don't notice vibrations or anything.  For the rest of the day everyone in all the stores was talking about it.  It originated down in Virginia and could be felt up and down the East Coast.  Very weird for us!  My son was so disappointed!!  He wants to know why we always miss everything!!  Other than our cell phones being out of service for a couple hours there was no other evidence of an earthquake back at my house.  Anyway that was the "excitement" here.
Ok, back to work and figuring out how to shake off (note the earthquake humor there) this extra weight!  Hope everyone has a great day!


  1. Well Beth, first a pound is a pound and that's great. Remember my weight loss progress was up and down all the time. The biggest thing I have found out is to NEVER QUIT!! As far as exercise, I am not that kind of person at ALL! I love to walk fast and I feel great after. I meet all kinds of people too. I also have a WII and a ton of games and never use it either. Anyone want to buy mine?
    Have a great day :-)

  2. Exercise is great for you! It boosts your metabolism and helps you to feel better too, in addition to burning extra calories that you might not burn otherwise. I love Curves - you only go 3 times a week, 30 minutes a session, and it's a whole body workout! You should look into if there's one in your area and check it out. It would be worth it if you go- you lose inches too! We love losing inches. :)

    And Rosalie's right - a pound is a pound! If you're losing total fat it's NOT a bad thing at all!!

  3. Hi Beth. I stayed the same this week, although I am on vacation. But I have still been pretty good, eating salads for lunch, and really trying to watch the carbs. Although I am not writing down. Anyway, I think I am just losing slowers than most because I do cheat alittle with more wine than I should, and I have a thyroid issue and my meds just changed again. So maybe that is part of it too. Anyway I walk my dogs, go to the gym and do the elliptical. I am going back to yoga classes soon. I live so close to many things and it's easy for me, but it must be hard if you have to drive a distance. Hang in there and remember even a pound a week will add up to a lot of loss in a year!

  4. Beth...chin up girl! A pound is great and it absolutely does add up! I am a slow loser too and it took me 2 weeks to lose 1 full pound & 1 more week to gain 2 back! Oy!! Im still pluggin away & I just keep believing in the program & that it will work. It is proven. I was doing BFC for a few days & just wasnt a happy camper doing it. It is just too rigid for me so I am just doing WW again. It has been working well and I am down almost 40# & over 17 inches & 3 dress sizes. Whatever you decide to do, I think just hanging in there & believing in yourself & the program you have decided to follow is key.
    Do the happy dance girl!! You lost 4 sticks of butter!!! :)

  5. Beth, congrats on a pound. I think a lof of us are slow losers and you really cant go by Jorge book(the amound of weight loss) also I do beleive we all need to do some kind of exercise. If I cant make it to the gym I have bought several workout dvd's to do at home so I can mix it up a little.

  6. A few people at work who were just walking around didn't know about the earthquake either! I was working at my desk and my monitors started to shake. I figured someone was moving something really big (they've been remodeling our building) and then I realized the floor was moving, then I heard the walls creaking! But by the time we all agreed it was an earthquake, it was over and a few people were saying "wait, what?"

    A coworker told me she was even on a ladder in a stock room at the time and didn't notice it. I guess she just assumed the ladders are supposed to be wobbly! (It wasn't a folding ladder, it was one of those rolling staircases, or I'd be more worried!)

    As for the pound, I've been losing slowly lately, too. Sometimes I think I should forget what I think I know about the BFC and start over like a newbie and re-read the book in case there's something I forgot or missed. Try a week on one of Jorge's scripted menus, maybe?

    Resistance (weight) training, the kind that you feel burning in your muscles the next day, is the best to help burn fat. That burning is your muscle tissue torn and repairing itself, and that takes calories! Cardio is great for your health but its effects aren't all that long term as far as weight loss goes.

    You can do it! :D