BFC Servings Reminder

BFC Servings Reminder
15/6 = 15 grams sugar/6 carb servings
Carb serving (no more than 2 per meal)
5 grams - 20 grams = 1 serving
20 grams - 40 grams = 2 servings
Eat no more than 40 grams carbs and 5 grams sugar per meal!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday June 15

Well, Wednesdays are weigh in days for me and this morning I weighed in.  I was so excited last week because I was down three pounds to 181 but this week I am up two pounds to 183.  I really don't know how I did this.  As far as I can tell I ate the same way as last week.  So...trying to figure out what I did wrong.  I did have a couple of beers this week at a BBQ, but they were Michelob Ultra and they are very low carb.  I sometimes think maybe I'm am either not eating enough carbs or maybe it's too many calories or maybe lack of exercise.  I'm not sure.  Are Slim Jim's allowed on this diet?  I think they are 0/0 but maybe they have some hidden sugar that I'm not aware of.  I eat at least three of those a day as snacks when I feel hungry.  I put real cream in my coffee.  Two cups in the morning and one cup after dinner.  Could the heavy cream be too much?  I drink iced tea with Stevia all day.  Maybe I should switch to water.  I guess I should start tracking my food every day to see where I am going wrong.  I hope this was just a fluke and next week on Wednesday I am down again.

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